The v.z.w. (non-profit association) Nubel (Nutrients Belgium) was founded on March 9, 1990. Updated statutes published in the Belgian Official Gazette of July 13, 2009.
The v.z.w. Nubel manages the nutritional, scientific information on the foods which are part of a normal Belgian eating pattern.

The further development of the Nubel databank has also been made possible by the federal Impuls programme “Health risks” executed at the initiative of the Belgian State – Services of the Prime Minister – Federal Services for scientific, technical and cultural affairs.


The v.z.w. Nubel’s objectives are:

  • managing, compiling and updating a scientific databank of nutrients in foods;
  • exchanging information with institutes and organizations that aspire the same objective on a national and on an international level;
  • making data from this databank available to third parties:
    • medical and paramedical corps
    • education
    • distribution sector
    • scientific institutes
    • patients support organisations and to the consumer in general.
  • developing projects in collaboration with amongst others:
    • the National Food and Health Plan
    • the Food Consumption Survey
    • the Nubel Scientific Council
    • the Food Industry
    • the Food Distribution;
  • supplying information regarding its activities on a national and on an international level such as participating in the European network on nutritional databank management.


Chairman of the Board of Directors: Mr. Tom Auwers, Chairman of the Federal Public Service Committee for Public Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment

The activities of the vzw Nubel are executed by:
• Mrs. Carine Seeuws, Business Unit Manager,
• Mrs. Aurore Van Der Wilt, dietician.

The Scientific Board has chosen as its chairman Prof. Dr. J. VAN CAMP.
The Scientific Board is composed of expert scientists in the field of nutrition, originating from all Belgian universities and research institutes.

This Board is responsible for:
• the assessment and validation of analyst’s figures
• the evaluation of the consumers’ needs

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