The Nubel Foodplanner PRO

Patient Administration

This is a short introduction to the patient administration pages of On these webpages hospitals, schools and professionals can administer their patients, editors and administrators.

1. Log-in

The Nubel Foodplanner PRO: log-in

2. Create accounts for administrators and editors

There are three possible levels Log-in:

  • Organization Admin, this the person who manages the license within the organization (you so ...) they use their email and password to log in.
  • Admins admins can be eg. trainers, teachers, nurses etc ... . They can manage Editors Editors.
  • Editors are the people who enter the patient data. I.e. they use the Foodplanner PRO (students, health professionals, dieticians, ...)
  • Patients, patients cannot log-in.

The Nubel Foodplanner PRO: Administration site

If you are logged-in, add new editors and possibly admins. If you do not have different departments or classes you do not need to define admins.

For Each student / caregiver you have to make an editor.

  • If the organization is a school, students can only see their own patients (Important) There are licenses for up to 25, 50, 100 etc editors.
  • If you are a dietitian you can only create one editor (self)
  • If the Organization is a hospital you can create unlimited editors and editors can see and manage each patient.

Add/edit Editors:

The Nubel Foodplanner PRO: Add/edit Editors

Add/edit Admins:

The Nubel Foodplanner PRO: add/edit Admins

Then you are ready to login as an editor and to add patients via the "Add New" button.

The Nubel Foodplanner PRO: add patients

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3. Add Patients

To add a new patient, click on the "add new" link on the main screen. Complete the form and click on the "add new" button.

The Nubel Foodplanner PRO: add a new patient

4. Edit Patients

To edit a patient click on the "modify" link after the patients ID.

5. Start the foodplanner application

The Nubel Foodplanner PRO: start the diet planner