The Nubel Foodplanner

The Nubel Foodplanner

1. General

Healthy food and healthy physical exercise always go hand in hand.
With the Nubel Nutrition Planner you can perfectly calculate the balance between the digested calories (what you ate) and the burnt calories (amongst others physical exercise).

The Nubel Nutrition Planner gives you a helping hand when:

  • you wish to have a balanced and varied diet
  • you need help with the composition and processing of a slimming diet, low-salt or high-fibre diet
  • you wish to adapt your diet to sports efforts.
Starting with the Nubel Foodplanner

2. The Brand Name Databank

The new version of the nutrition planner is an Internet application which is directly connected with the brand name databank of the vzw Nubel.

Each addition or adaptation which is done in the databank is also automatically updated in the internet application. All the information therefore is up-to-date as a result of which the user always sees the most recent data.

In this databank, the composition of more than 3678 foods currently available on the Belgian market is stored.

Of these 3678 products some 1000 basic products belong to the official Belgian foods table.

More information can be found through the following links:

  • The brand name databank website:
  • The foods table is the printed edition with the composition of the foods in Belgium. More information:

2.1. Internet application

The publication of the new Nubel Nutrition Planner version via the Internet instead of on CD-ROM offers a number of important advantages:

  • You can use the nutrition planner wherever there is a computer with Internet connection. You only have to log in with your username and password. E.g. at home, at work, on holiday…
  • The data about the foods in the databank are always up-to-date and are always the same as in the official Belgian foods table and the brand name databank.
  • At the moment, there are more than 3600 products of which more than 2600 branded products in our database.
    Obviously, this database is completed and adapted on a regular basis.
  • There is no need for the installation of software.
  • Works on Mac as well as on PC.
  • Corrections, additions and upgrades of the nutrition planner are executed automatically; you always work with the most recent version.

3. The Food Planner

The Nubel Nutrition Planner is divided into three sections:

3.1. Personal settings

Manage your personal data and determine your diet plan.

The Nubel Foodplanner - Personal settings

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3.2. The Diary

The diary will become the nutrition planner section you will use the most. Here you can follow up on your activities, digested foods, weight evolution…

The Nubel Foodplanner - Diary

At the bottom to the left, you immediately see the number of burnt calories and to the right the number of digested calories through food.
In the diary you can also consult recipes and compose recipes or meals yourself.

NEW! Search in complete list

Manage Produits and Manage recipes

Nubel Foodplanner: Search

3.3. Reports

The Nubel Foodplanner - Reports

In the Reports screen, you can open all kinds of reports in a print-friendly format:

  • Day and week reports of your food intake
  • Day and week reports of your activities
  • An overview of your weight evolution
  • Product lists arranged according to a certain nutrient (see picture)
  • Recipes with picture, method of preparation, ingredients and nutritional composition